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Since 1908, Greenwood students have been part of the larger Missouri State University community. Secondary students can conveniently take college courses for full credit at MSU. The faculty and staff of MSU often choose to send their own children to Greenwood. Missouri State education majors use the lab school to further develop their teaching skills. Greenwood students benefit from collaborative educational projects with MSU. Elementary classrooms enjoy visits from Missouri State University professors to enhance hands-on learning activities while secondary students participate in special research at MSU for their own projects.


One room schoolhouse

Celebrating a legacy

Open May 12, 2005, as a part fo the MSU Centennial Celebration

Improved roads; newer, larger and more efficient buses; funding challenges and the push to consolidate schools all contributed to the demise of the once highly cherished one room school. One room schoolhouses across the United States served not only as places to to teach children readin', writin', and 'rithmetic; but as a community gathering place for business meetings and social events. Almost all of us have relatives who attended a one room school, and many still know folks who once taught there.

Generations of highly successful and industrious individuals graduated (usually from the 8th grade) from one room schools where they studies alongside classmates of all ages, abilities and personalities. They learned from each other as well as from the teacher, whose additional duties included cook, custodian and nurse.

To celebrate this legacy of learning that took place prior to the evolution of more highly diversified approaches over the past 100 years and to commemorate the Missouri State Centennial, the College of Education has sponsored the construction of a 1905 era replica of the one room schoolhouse. Located just west of Greenwood Laboratory School, this structure will serve as a living museum which includes authentic furniture, fixtures and artifacts typical in schools circa 1905. These period artifacts haves been donated by Missouri State alumni and friends who share in the nostalgia and sentimentality associated with their schooling throughout the Ozarks, rural Missouri and beyond.

The school will be more than just a symbol of the past. It will be made available to the Missouri State community and to the general public from their use. Scheduling of events will be coordinated with the Greenwood Laboratory School general office staff. Please feel free to contact Greenwood to schedule a meeting, hold a class, plan a reception, or just to visit or take a tour. We invite you to the help us celebrate our legacy of learning.



To celebrate a legacy of learning and to commemorate the Missouri State Centennial, the College of Education has sponsored the construction of a 1905 era replica of the one room schoolhouse.

In the past, Greenwood students, faculty, and staff have integrated partnerships throughout our campus. Internships, projects, presentations, and taking/teaching courses are just a few examples of how Greenwood is used as a laboratory school. Our host, the College of Education, provides opportunities for practicum students, student teachers, tutoring, and student workers that are vital parts of our building. Please reach out if you would like to form a partnership with us: