Vocal Music



Billy Gowers

Director of 6-12 Vocal Music

All students in Grades K-6 at Greenwood are encouraged to develop musical expression through singing. Classes are offered two to three times per week and use singing, movement, classroom instruments and listening examples to engage students, develop music literacy and promote a life-long appreciation of music. Students also have the opportunity to participate in school-wide or classroom performances during the year. An appreciation and respect for diversity will be enhanced through the study and performance of music of various eras, genres and cultures.

All secondary students have the opportunity to enroll in choir. No audition is required, and students may split time between choir, Yearbook, or other subjects as their schedule allows. Since choir is a performance-based class, public concerts will be presented several times during the year. In addition, students who qualify may participate in district honor choirs.

Jacqua Garrison

Director of K-5 Vocal Music

In grades K-6 at Greenwood we provide a musical classroom experience for each student that incorporates singing, listening, moving, playing and creating. Students learn musical elements and skills to develop a musical foundation as well as promote a life-long appreciation of music. The music classroom focuses on high engaging activities and lessons to insure students’ success, build self esteem and confidence. Students also have the opportunity to participate in musical performances during the year.